Thursday, 11 September 2014

Digital De-cluttering...

If your ex had any kind of business registered at your postal address, it's a huge
relief when you finally get all of the online listings removed. Obviously, there's
nothing you can do about any hard-copy evidence of his/her links to your home, but
it's a positive step towards erasing all traces of them from your new single life.

It's also very cathartic to trawl through your hard-drive and removing your ex from
your computer's memory. There's little point in keeping pictures and videos on your
PC of the two of you all happy and smiling on holidays and day trips unless you look particularly good in them or you're a whizz with photoshop & video-editing
tools. Often, the reality is that those moments of joy were fleeting and don't
reflect the true story. Don't delude yourself into believing things were all pink &
fluffy when they obviously weren't. Move on, ditch the past and focus on the pink &
fluffy future ahead of you.

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