Thursday, 28 May 2015

Pharrell's Not The Only One Who's Happy...

I'm really enjoying my new job and apparently I'm doing quite well as I've already been asked to cover other staff members shifts on several occasions when they've been unable to get to work. This is apparently rare for a newbie so I must be doing something right. I've also just been given my first monthly pay packet and I have to say I was so excited I could barely rip the envelope open. It took a while for all the information to sink in - this really is all mine! YIPPEEEEEEEE! 

Not only am I getting paid to work alongside a really lovely team of people, I also now have my very own company email address and therefore potentially have access to a vast number of benefits which I was previously unaware of, such as "good local deals, shopping cards and exclusive privileges – available only to staff."

This really is a whole new world to me - and I LOVE it!

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