Monday, 22 June 2015

Who Said "Girls Can't Do Flat-Pack?!"...

With my spare desktop pc now all hooked up to the internet in my lounge, I decided that it needed a nice, new computer desk to sit on rather than the grotty-looking second-hand atrocity that was currently proving to be quite an eye-sore. After measuring the space and spending an age searching online for just the right thing, I finally found what I was looking for in Argos. As it was going to be a bit too heavy to haul onto a bus I decided to pay a few quid and get it delivered, and a couple of days later the van pulled up and my lovely new desk had arrived.

I had my tool kit ready as I eagerly tore open the box and fought my way through a mountain of polystyrene, bubble wrap and plastic bags to locate all of the different pieces ready for assembly. I'd never seen 'locking nuts' before, let alone used them, but embracing all things new I slowly but surely worked my way through the instructions, and voilĂ ! In just over an hour, and without a single tantrum, I'd put together a fabulous and fully-functioning computer desk, with locking wheels and pull-out tray all moving as they should, with absolutely no help whatsoever from anyone else. No, it's not 'rocket science' but I'm actually quite proud of myself.

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