Saturday, 7 November 2015

Tons of Storage...

As I'm well aware that my main computer is on it's last legs, and will soon be making its way to the pc scrapheap in the sky, I decided to shell out for some external storage in order to ensure the safekeeping of my important files and documents should it decide to suddenly go out with a bang. This decision coincided with the latest Clubcard Boost promotion by Tesco, which was rather handy as I only ended up paying out four quid to protect all of my data.

The joys of 'click & collect' meant I simply had to pop to my local store once I'd received a text to say my new gadget had arrived - what could be simpler? I now have two terabytes of space to fill at my leisure, which should more than cope with my ever-expanding photo collection as well as a ton of Word documents and spreadsheets, along with whatever else I find lurking on my current hard-drive. As they say, "Every Little Helps...!"

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